Fayetteville Area School and University Building Paint Contractors

You’d be hard-pressed to find a wall or building that gets more paint abuse, wear, and tear than in a school or university. Handprints, scuffs, peeling paint, plaster cracks, shoe marks, kicks, dents, dings, holes, and candy all make for a sticky maintenance mess. 

Thankfully All~Brite Painting can liven up any school — in school colors or neutral tones conducive to learning.

Painting Contractors for School Buildings You Can Trust

Most paint companies consider a school like any other commercial building. But that’s not how All~Brite treats schools because we know they’re different. We’ve built our contract business around institutional needs.

With All~Brite, schools and educational institutions get:

  • Off-hours painting. If you need painting done during the school year, you can’t close entire classrooms, hallways, or cafeterias while painters are at work. In a pinch, we can work nights, weekends, or other off-hours like early mornings or late afternoons after students are gone.
  • Durable, reliable products. Get your lockers, floors, bathrooms, and walls painted with heavy-duty paint designed to stand up to the most abuse. And your locker rooms, bathroom, and other concrete floors can get stained or coated to resist mildew, germs, bacteria, and smells.
  • Pride in exterior school walls, plazas, and installations. Exterior surfaces with epoxy or paint coatings say a lot about a community’s investment in their schools. A fresh coat of paint shows students, teachers, staff, and the community we all care.
  • School-friendly project management. In most cases, we can work within the rules and regulations set forth by your school board, directors, or North Carolina’s state and local laws. We can also work with your existing custodial and maintenance team.
  • Paint contractors vetted and checked for safety. On the off chance All~Brite’s team needs to be in the same building or area as students, rest assured all of All~Brite’s team of professional paint contractors are vetted and responsible.
School Painting Service