Cabinet Painting Service in Fayetteville

Depending on the size of your kitchen, it might be mostly cabinets punctuated with an occasional appliance. Without much if any kitchen wall to paint, painting your cabinets can be the best way to make your kitchen look like new.

4 Reasons to Hire All~Brite to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

  1. There are a lot of ways to prep cabinets for painting. All~Brite gives customers options depending on their existing cabinets. Re-finishing with an oil or stain may work well on all-wood cabinets. But cheaper cabinetry might look richer with a coat of white paint — a hot trend in kitchens right now. Dark gray, blue, tan, and many shades of white are all popular options.
  2. You’ll get a longer-lasting coat by removing any existing gloss. Sanding the cabinets before painting them helps the paint bond to the natural wood. Chemical de-glossers are another option for removing the shine to allow primer and paint to stick properly.
  3. Primer is critical to how smooth your cabinets look. All~Brite only uses premium primer for cabinets.
  4. The application of cabinet paint matters. Depending on your budget, we can use specialized rollers and brushes. For a really great finish, we can also spray on the paint. This requires a little more prep work to protect the surrounding surfaces, but it looks like a factory finish when complete.
  5. Consider changing hardware after we’re done. Replacing the knobs and handles can make for a dramatic change in your kitchen’s appearance. And they’re generally affordable, too, at a few dollars per knob or handle. We can help you install them if you need help.