Apartments, Condos, and Townhome Painting

Residential property management companies and managers ready for a fresh coat of paint before or after the next tenants move into Fayetteville should turn to All~Brite Painting.

All~Brite’s professional painting contractors have years of experience in residential and commercial painting with multifamily properties like apartments, condominium complexes, townhomes, and rental properties.

There are benefits to hiring outside your existing maintenance crew or staff.

  • Our years of experience adds up. That means you get work done faster and with competitive pricing.
  • Your satisfaction with our work is our top priority. We’ll do it right the first time.
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs. If a tenant moves out on Monday and a new one wants to move in on Friday, we’ll work to get the project done Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • 7-year warranty on most interior painting jobs. Read more about our 7-year warranty and guarantee.

Fayetteville’s sizzling housing market means more and more people are looking for the best and most attractive apartments, condos, and homes to live in. Give them a reason to choose yours with a fresh coat of paint.

And you’ll know that your property value is protected. The benefits to hiring All~Brite for interior or exterior multi-family property include weather damage protection, extending the life of siding and walls, minimizing insect damage, and improving the appearance and appeal of the home.